There’s no substitute for experience.
That’s why we teach it.

Our programs and simulations have been designed to accelerate business learning for those who want to learn, and proven by those who practice the same business principles every day.


The BOX entrepreneurship program is an entrepreneurship training that will teach students--both intellectually and emotionally--what it really means to start, run, and build a business.

Continuous Improvement

The CAR simulation teaches participants how important it is to set targets, measure performance against those targets, and provides tools to continuously improve, no matter what industry they end up in.

Team Dynamics

The TEAM simulation is a highly effective workshop for teaching the interdependence of teams in achieving business objectives through fast-paced and dynamic competition.

Interpreting Numbers

Using visual and tactile illustrations, participants learn the language of business without the complexity normally associated with dry financial literacy education.

MBA In A Day

This program teaches 10 classic business theories and demonstrates how to use them to structure business decision making process and result in bottom-line impact.

Corporate Programs

The same core principles as our higher-learning programs, but specially designed for the corporate and enterprise environments.

Team Business Programs are designed to suit groups big and small. We can adapt our simulations to fit your specific needs. We can also tailor the program to suit your time constraints – from 4 hours to 2 days.

See Our Programs in Action

I was impressed with the accessibility of the Box program. Our 8th graders were able to learn important ideas and strategies in entrepreneurship – it was great to hear them talking about quality control, supply/demand, and other key concepts…Most of all, I was excited by the growing business acumen our students were gaining from the hands-on activities.

Tung Trinh

Garrison Forest School

It was an amazing way to learn about how to minimize costs to maximize revenue. It really brought our team closer together and was very enjoyable.

David Banner

Dartmouth University

We have engaged Team Business every year because they do a remarkable job. They are professional, fun, deeply engaged in the development process, and the results are always stellar … They were instantly open to our ideas and integrated them into their standard program with ease. Their flexibility, business acumen and collaborative spirit makes them a pleasure to work with.

Patricia Hayling Price

Management Leadership for Tomorrow

Through Team Business, participants in our summer programs had the opportunity to link theory and practice, learn about business principles and see them play out in real time. The hands-on simulation Team Business runs gives participants subject knowledge and, moreover, the wisdom to turn their knowledge into action.

Dr. Anne Greenhalgh

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania